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This website showcases the skill sets of both Tattersall Computer Developments Ltd and its founder, Peter Tattersall. Peter has a background in software development and testing, and is utilising that experience here.

After much development it is now merely looking like a building site, as opposed to the previous bomb site. Any links preceded with ?? means it is still under development. There is a To Do page that will be removed once complete.

The site layout is as follows:


All the software, and any associated plug-ins, together with physical goods can all be purchased here. Many of the applications can be purchased in CD format, as well as via the usual download.


All software that has been developed by Tattersall Computer Developments Ltd is available through the shop. This page is intended to describe them.

Viking Runes

This application has been created to meld modern techniques to an ancient craft.


A series of guides that teach the pupil the skills required to compete at specific race and kart circuits throughout the UK.


All blogs that has been developed by Tattersall Computer Developments Ltd are available here. This page is intended to describe them.

Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Centred around the purchase of a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Discover the secrets of Plug In Hybrid technology and why it makes so much sense.


Peter Tattersall’s adventures as an amateur racing driver in his Caterham Seven, competing in the Classic class of the Caterham Graduates championship.


Details Tattersall Computer Developments Ltd and Peter Tattersall.

WordPress Tips

While developing my various WordPress web sites I kept having to re-learn methods. So I have decided to record the lessons, and where better than on this web site?

Note that all my learnings are addressed towards me. If somebody else finds them helpful then excellent, but it is not intended as a wide-ranging instruction manual.


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